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In Jurassic Park Builder you are in charge of your very own prehistoric theme park populated by prehistoric animals! Your goal is to research and develop as many prehistoric animal species as possible, keep expanding your park, and impress your friends and visitors!

Levels are an indicator of your skill and experience playing Jurassic Park Builder. The more missions you accomplish and the more you add to the park, the more you progress towards your next level. For every level you gain, you can expand your park by one map area.

The most important action in the game is to collect coins so you can keep developing your park. Prehistoric animals and buildings generate coins over time. Simply touch a prehistoric animal or building to collect the coins generated so far. Touching the Collect button will also collect the coins. Visit your park frequently, as prehistoric animals and buildings can only accumulate coins up to a certain limit!

There are several ways players can earn Bucks. Through our partners at Tapjoy and AdColony, players can watch videos, complete surveys or sign-up for third-party offers to get free Bucks. To access these offers, enter the Resources tab in the Market.

Decorations improve the rate of coin generation. Place them near your best prehistoric animals for optimal results!

The higher a prehistoric animal’s level, the more coins it will generate. Feed your prehistoric animals until their gauge fills and they will increase in level. With enough levels, your juvenile prehistoric animals become adults!

Prehistoric creatures eat either meat, crops, fish or crustaceans. You can order each food type at the food harbors. Food will cost less if you activate a harbor for short amounts of time. If you're about to leave, you may want to activate it for longer periods of time so you have lots of food when you return!

On the Island environment, when you clear a new expansion there is leftover debris. Clearing this debris may reveal amber containing prehistoric animal’s DNA! You can unlock the new species of prehistoric animal encased in the amber at the Research Center.

In the Aquatic and Glacier environment, you send out expeditions to find DNA samples. Sending multiple boats and helicopters increases the chances of success.

Once a new DNA sample is secured, you need to complete the research gauge in the Research Center to unlock the new species. Each research attempt must line up three DNA symbols to generate progress. When you get a partial result, you can re-spin a single symbol to improve your odds of completing a set of three. You can also invite friends to help you for free!

When a prehistoric animal reaches level 10, it can evolve. Evolution research is much like amber research except it will give you an improved specimen of the same prehistoric animal! Another evolution research will be available when the creature reaches level 20 and level 30. Once completed, the player earns a star for that prehistoric animal with the final star being earned for a max level 40 creature.

Touch the road button to enter road editing mode. While ‘Add’ is active, touching an empty space of ground will add a piece of road. While ‘Remove’ is active, any segment of road you tap on will be removed from the pack. Once your roads are long enough, visitors will drive through your park to admire your prehistoric menagerie!

Card packs are a method to allow players to acquire more resources and dinosaurs and come in two forms: Free Packs and Premium Packs. A Free Pack is available every 8 hours and can give you Meat, Crops, Coins, Fangs, and Bucks. Premium Packs contain the same items but also include a dinosaur for your park, perhaps even that rare one you’ve been looking for. Premium Packs come in different varieties and can be purchased for your Land, Aquatic, or Glacier Park. Sometimes the card packs you want will be on sale so keep your eyes open!

Once your park has at least five carnivores in fenced habitats, you will need to pay special attention to security. When the Code Red gauge is full, tap on the Code Red button to keep the carnivores from escaping. Keep tapping or clicking on the carnivores before their gauges fill completely. Any dinosaur that manages to fill its gauge will escape and end the Code Red! The longer you play the more coins you will earn. Post your high scores to compete with your friends!

The Battle mode allows players to test their ferocity in one-on-one combat! Accessed at park level 5, adult creatures (level 5+) clash in turn-based combat. Hunt down each opponent’s weakness while keeping your own team from falling in battle!

Fangs are battle-only currency used to activate Special Attacks and Blocks. Each time they are used in a battle the price to do so doubles, so fight wisely!

At the end of a fight in Battle mode, the more energy your team retains, the higher your performance gauge fills. Fight efficiently and you can win up to three medals per stage.

After each battle, prehistoric animals that participated in the fight need to rest for a certain amount of time before they can fight again.

After proving their dinosaurs have what it takes by completing stage 6 of Battle mode, players can enter tournaments to compete for the All-Star Rank and prove they have built a park amongst the best in Jurassic Park Builder!

Leagues determine the prizes you can win from finishing first in a tournament. There are 5 Leagues in Jurassic Park Builder: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and All-Star. The higher in the League ladder you climb, the more Bucks you can win!

Trophies are collected from winning Tournaments. Earning enough trophies allows you to access new Leagues to win bigger prizes and greater glory!

Each environment tracks your progress in Tournament Mode separately in the Statistics menu. Here you can check what it takes to reach each league, your battle record, how much time remains in the season, check what prize you will win when the season ends and see which dinosaurs are ready to fight!

League ranks are saved for several weeks as your Season standing. When a season ends, you receive a reward based on how far you made it in the league hierarchy. Afterwards, all players are reset to Bronze League and the competition starts anew!

Occasionally, a DNA Rescue event appears in Tournament Mode. Players are given a short period of time to collect DNA samples from participation in Tournaments. If the player collects enough during the event, they receive a dinosaur for free!

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This feature is not available on the Facebook platform.

You won’t lose your progress as a Guest player even though you choose to switch to a full featured profile that is connected to your Facebook account. Simply merge your two accounts from the Options Menu, but be careful as Facebook accounts can only be merged with a Guest account ONCE.

This feature does not apply to the Facebook environment.

Play with your friends by inviting them to install Jurassic Park Builder and get them to help out at the Research Center or send gifts!

The Mailbox is your information center. Whenever you receive gifts or research help, it will be displayed in your Mailbox. Don’t forget to check your mail regularly so you don’t miss out on any special events!

Modifying your audio preferences (i.e.: turning the game SFX, voices and music ON/OFF), logging out or merging two profiles can be done from the Options Menu. Players can also review Jurassic Park Builder’s Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Credits through this menu.

The game requires an Internet connection to properly function. In order to play Jurassic Park Builder, make sure your mobile device or computer is connected at all times by a hardline, WiFi, 3G or 4G network connection. Be advised that network fees may apply.

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